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BOSTON, MA – January 18, 2018. Union Park Capital, a Boston based private equity firm with focus on lower middle-market industrial technology investments, today announced the acquisition of LAR Process Analysers AG (“LAR”), located in Berlin, Germany. LAR develops and manufactures water analyzers for industrial, environmental and municipal applications based on highly differentiated high-temperature combustion technology. LAR will join Cosa Xentaur Corporation and Alpha Omega Instruments as an independent operating entity under Union Park’s newly created Process Insights Holdings platform.

“We are very excited about this acquisition,” notes Morgan Jones, Managing Partner of Union Park Capital. “LAR is a perfect example of everything we look for – the business has product differentiation, a strong brand name and a highly technical workforce with deep application knowledge. Today LAR has an incredibly strong presence in Europe, but as part of Process Insights, LAR will be able to expand internationally taking advantage of a global sales network.”

“The Union Park Capital team has extensive experience investing in family owned European businesses, specifically in Germany,” said Dr. Werner Arts, Founder and Chairman of LAR. “They have a proven track record not only of success, but also of trust and integrity. I believe LAR has found an ideal home at Union Park and Process Insights.”

The strategic announcement comes just weeks after Union Park announced the acquisition of Cosa Alpha Omega Instruments late in 2017. LAR, together with the other business units within Process Insights, will continue to develop and invest in cutting-edge technologies in process analysis. As usual with Union Park’s historical business practice, LAR will remain in Berlin, Germany.

About LAR Process Analysers AG

Established in 1986 by Dr. Werner Arts in Berlin, Germany, LAR develops and manufactures advanced solutions for water analysis. The company’s key competence is the measurement of various water parameters – concentrating on TOC, TC, TOD, COD, BOD, TNb and toxicity – based on high-temperature combustion analyzer. In addition to its German Headquarters, LAR has opened a regional support office in China. For more information visit www.lar.com.

About Union Park Capital

Union Park Capital is a private equity firm solely focused on lower middle-market industrial technology companies. Union Park takes a long-term perspective to help stakeholders build value over time, and drives value creation through profitably growing a business, not financial engineering. Union Park Capital is based in Boston, MA and has extensive investments and expertise in the analytical instrumentation sector. For more information, visit www.union-park.com.

LAR Process Analysers

Process Insights

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TOC-Analyzer QuickTOCuv ll

TOC-Analyzer QuickTOCuv II

TOC Analyzer for clean and pure water

Our new and improved QuickTOCuv II

In 2021, we have improved and further developed our proven Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer with UV persulfate oxidation – our QuickTOCuv.

Our new QuickTOCuv II is state of the art and has more great features. In addition to a slim design and an IP65 housing, the new online TOC/ TC analyzer can also determine COD and BOD values using correlation factors. The measuring ranges can be adjusted by individual user input. The measurement system is controlled by a user-friendly 4″ PLC with touch screen.

LAR’s TOC analyzer QuickTOCuv II is ideal for fast and reliable online monitoring in pure, drinking, surface and wastewater.

Features and Benefits

  • Measurement range: 0,1 – 1,0 mg/l, 1 – 10 mg/l, 1 – 50 mg/l, 10 – 100 mg/l, 50 – 500 mg/l, 100 – 1.000 mg/l, 100 – 1.500 mg/l
  • Recognized UV persulfate method
  • Continuous determination of TOC, TC, after correlation BOD and COD
  • Accuracy of +/- 3 %
  • Auto-calibration
  • Automatic system check (zero point correction, sensitivity)
  • Reduced consumption of chemicals
  • Certified housing for EX zones (EX p) (options for ATEX, IECEx, etc.)
  • Analyser availability of minim. 98%
  • Maintenance and service max. 15 minutes/ week
  • Very low operating and maintenance costs


LAR’s total organic carbon analyzer is suitable for a variety of applications and types of water:

  • Pure water
  • Drinking water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Condensate return
  • Wastewater


Using analyzer options, the measurement system is adaptable for every measurement challenge.

  • Dual stream measurement
  • Ambient Air Preparation Unit
  • CO2-Remover
  • Humidity sensor
  • Pressure sensor


For safe operation in hazardous areas, there are different protection housings available:

  • IP65 (Standard)
  • ATEX Zone I
  • ATEX Zone II
  • IECEx


Product Bruchure

Continuous TOC determination.
Using the UV persulfate method.

QuickTOCuv is an online measuring system that determines the parameter TOC using the UV persulfate method. In addition, different versions of the measuring device can be supplied and it can thus also be used in Ex zones. TOC determination is carried out in accordance with the standards DIN EN 1484:1997 and US-EPA 415.2.

The measuring technology. Reliable.

The QuickTOCuv process controls have been optimised in all areas. Additional sensors and carrier gas preparation are optional. Reliable operation is guaranteed by the separation of the analytical compartment from the electronics and by the use of high-quality materials.

System checks. Automatic.

QuickTOCuv automatically carries out regular checks to assess correct function of NDIR detector by zero point correction and sensitivity tests. This ensures that any deviations are rapidly detected and guarantees precise results.

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