welcome Extrel CMS

Welcome Extrel CMS

Process Insights Announces Acquisition of Extrel CMS

Greensboro, NC – February 28, 2020. Process Insights, a portfolio company of Union Park Capital, announced today that it has acquired Extrel CMS, LLC (“Extrel”), the leading manufacturer of research and process mass spectrometers. Extrel, which is based in Pittsburgh, PA, will join Process Insights’ existing portfolio of process instrumentation manufacturers including, COSA Xentaur, Alpha Omega Instruments, Hygrocontrol, LAR Process Analysers, Tiger Optics, and ATOM Instrument as another premium brand within Process Insights. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Extrel has over 50 years of technology innovation and a global customer base across large research and national labs, chemical, refining and pharmaceutical industries. The company was founded in 1964 as Extranuclear Laboratories created by Ted Brackmann and Wade Fite, professors from the University of Pittsburgh, to provide innovative power supplies for mass spectrometry. In 1985 Extranuclear Laboratories became Extrel Corporation to further focus on analytical mass spectrometry products and later in 2004 became Extrel CMS, LLC. Extrel’s products help organizations continuously identify and quantify various molecular components in process environments to ensure safe operations, increase process efficiency and product quality, reduce disruptions and downtime, and attain compliance with numerous and complex regulatory requirements.

“Extrel is a perfect addition to our other Process Insights’ companies. The products and technology are highly complementary to our other businesses and will help us offer a complete solution to our customers,” said Monte Hammouri, CEO of Process Insights. “Extrel’s state-of-the-art mass spectrometers, as well as its after-sales service organization will enhance Process Insights and strengthen our position as a leading provider of process analytical instrumentation. The history and reputation of the Extrel brand as a technical and market leader is second to none. We are thrilled to welcome Extrel to the Process Insights family.”

“I believe that Extrel has great opportunity to take its excellent products and people and reach new markets and customers. Process Insights brings resources and capabilities to support Extrel’s discovery of its potential. As a Process Insights company, Extrel looks forward to working with these businesses to achieve the next chapter of success” added Luke Kephart, President of Extrel.

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Our Commitment to You in Response to COVID-19


Our commitment to you in response to COVID-19

As a valued customer, we are grateful for your business and committed to supporting you and your analyzer personnel. In response to COVID-19, countries and companies are making plans to protect their people and the integrity of their business. In many cases this can affect travel and access to facilities. We understand the challenge that these restrictions can place on complex manufacturing operations that rely on critical control technologies, like gas analyzers.

In order to provide the best support during these challenging times, Extrel has taken steps to ensure that critical spares and components will continue to be available to you. In the event a site visit is required, a full 2020 travel history for the Extrel field service technician coming to your site will be made available upon request.

As your facility personnel review their own emergency preparedness procedures, the Extrel Customer Support team is available to help in the following ways:

  • As a part of developing your Emergency Response Plan, Extrel Customer Support can be contacted for a free consultation to help you evaluate the current performance, and likely upcoming maintenance requirements, of your analyzer.
  • Analyzer spares and training for your technical staff are available including the option of having a dedicated, site-specific Online Training Course- with full access to a trainer, and live video feed.

Analyzers currently covered under Extrel Service Contracts:

Extrel will continue to honor all service contracts, maintenance requirements, and scheduled site visits, unless we are prevented from doing so by travel limitations imposed by regional authorities or site-specific mandates. In the event an onsite Preventative Maintenance visit purchased as part of a service contract cannot be redeemed before the expiration date, Extrel will provide parts and a dedicated Technical Support Advisor for a Remote Preventative Maintenance Consultation.

Analyzers not currently covered under contract:

Extrel Remote Support Contracts and Services are also available to all customers that may require more extensive remote support beyond basic troubleshooting, which is always provided to all customers. Two tiers of the Remote Support Contract are available, as well as Remote Preventative Maintenance Consultation to guide your staff through the complete procedure. 
  • Tier 1 Remote Support Contract (1 year)

    • 35 Hours
    • Phone Support
    • Online Access
  • Tier 2 Remote Support Contract (6 months)

    • 35 Hours
    • Phone Support
    • Online Access
    • Automated analyzer performance reporting
    • Weekly analyzer check-in with your team
    • Remote Calibration
  • Remote Preventative Maintenance Consultation

    • Dedicated Technical Support Advisor
    • Live video
    • Remote Calibration
    • Post PM follow-up

We remain committed to serving our customers world-wide and are confident our protective measures will enable continuous analyzer operations. Please feel free to contact Extrel’s Customer Support team (support@extrel.com, 412-967-5754) for a free analyzer consultation or for any additional questions.


Scott R. Fleishner | Extrel CMS, LLC
General Manager
Support | Tel: +1.412.967.5754 | support@extrel.com

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