MAX300-RTG 2.0

Real-time mass spec with touchscreen

The MAX300-RTG 2.0 real time gas analyzer with touch screen is an industrial gas analyzer for process control, environmental compliance, and ambient air monitoring.  It uses cutting edge quadrupole mass spectrometer technology to deliver continuous online composition monitoring of industrial gas streams.  Rapid, accurate gas analysis enables high-precision process control and increased production efficiency.

  • Maximum ease of use with simple and intuitive touch screen interface
  • Real-time gas analysis using powerful industrial mass spectrometry technology
  • Complete quantitative stream composition: total application coverage with fewer analyzers required
  • High sensitivity and wide dynamic measurement range (ppb to %)
  • Flexible and versatile with multi-port stream selector for up to 160+ samples
  • Industry-best customer support and applications team

It has the speed necessary to analyze the total composition of a sample in seconds and can be fully automated to measure several points in a single process or multiple production lines across a plant with a single analyzer.  The MAX300-RTG 2.0 is easy to use and has low maintenance requirements for industrial applications:

  • Automated online analysis and data delivery
  • Control parameters reported in real-time
  • Complete quantitative stream composition
  • High precision and accuracy for optimal process control
  • Low maintenance, utilities, and calibration required


Process Control – Chemical,
Petrochemical, Syngas, etc.

Flare Gas & Fuel Gas –
Environmental Compliance

Ambient Air and
Fence Line Monitoring

Flare Gas

Emissions Monitoring

Ambient Air Monitoring



Petrochemical Syngas

Gasification / Syngas

Hydrogen Production




Metals Production

Blast Furnace

Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization (VOD)


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