MAX300-EGA Evolved Gas Analyzer

MAX300-EGA Evolved Gas Analyzer

Powerful and Intuitive

The MAX300-EGA quadrupole mass spectrometer is the newest Evolved Gas Analyzer within Extrel’s high performance MAX300 family.  Designed for coupling with instrumentation in thermal analysis, pharmaceutical, materials science, and organic chemistry laboratories, the MAX300-EGA features Extrel’s industry-leading 19 mm quadrupole mass filter. High sensitivity, resolution, and flexibility make the MAX300-EGA ideal for the the characterization and quantitation of your off-gas.

Equipped with a 2 m heated transfer line, an extensive compound library, and the ability to import a variety of external signals, the MAX300-EGA is optimized for interfacing with thermal analyzers and microreactors. The chemically inert capillary keeps the sample hot and under vacuum all the way from the furnace to the ionizer to prevent condensation and chemical interaction during transit. Data synchronization couldn’t be easier; the Questor® 5 software comes standard with the ability to receive external signals, like the Start-of-Heating signal from a TGA. Trend and manipulate data within Questor® 5, or simply export it for use on a different platform.



Heated Transfer Line

  • Length: 2 m
  • 200°C standard
  • 300 and 400°C options available

Mass Analyzer

  • 19 mm quadrupole filter
Mass Range
  • 1-250 amu Standard
  • 1-300, and 1-500 amu  options available
Detectable Components
  • Any gas or vapor with a molecular weight or fragment ion within the mass range 
Dynamic Range
  • Can measure components from 100 % to 5 ppb*
  • Disposable EI source
  • Plug and play for ease of maintenance 
  • Filament: Two, one active and one spare with automatic switchover
  • Meets government requirements for 21 CFR 11
Quantitative Analysis
  • Analysis Rate:  400 milliseconds per component  
  • Precision: ± 0.25% relative standard deviation, based on a 1% Argon analysis
  • Stability: ± 0.5% relative standard deviation, based on a 1 % Argon analysis over 30 days
Flexible Method Design
  • Unlimited components
Sequence Mode
  • Fully automated calibration, or Start-of-Batch
External Communications
  • Ethernet, Digital I/O,  Analog I/O, OPC, modbus

Extensive Compound Library

Configured to accept Start-of-Heating Input 

*As documented on trace analysis of benzene in air

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