MAX100-BTU Real-Time Heating Value Gas Analyzer

MAX100-BTU Real-Time Heating Value Gas Analyzer

The MAX100-BTU provides a rapid, high precision measurement of heating value and gas composition for optimal combustion control and environmental compliance.
The MAX100-BTU uses cutting-edge quadrupole mass spectrometer technology to deliver a continuous online analysis of fuel gas and vent streams containing hydrocarbons, H2, CO, CO2, H2O, H2S and other gases. It has the speed necessary to analyze the total composition of the sample and report the Heating Value in seconds.  

MAX100-BTU Features

  • Heating Value reported in seconds
  • Speciated analysis of: H2, C1-C6+ hydrocarbons, CO, CO2, N2, O2, H2O, H2S  and other gases
  • Extreme resistance to corrosion from H2S
  • Additional parameters available: Wobbe Index, CARI, Specific Gravity, Density, etc.
  • Multiport sample selector for up to 46 sample streams
  • Low maintenance, utilities, and calibration requirements


Mass Range

  • 1-100 amu
Detectable Compounds
  • H2, C1-C6+ hydrocarbons, CO, CO2, N2, O2, H2O, H2S, and other gases
Detection Range
  • 100%-100 ppm
Number of Sample Streams
  • 16, 31, 46
Analysis Rate
  • ~1 second per component
Number of Components
  • Unlimited
Number of Analysis Routines
  • Unlimited
Number of User Configurable Data Tags
  • Unlimited
  • <0.75% RSD
Analyzer Maintenance
  • 1-3 years
Roughing Pump
  • 6-12 months
Dual filaments
Manual or fully automated calibration and validation, 3-12 month calibration interval

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