Flange-Mounted Mass Spectrometers 

Flange-Mounted Mass Spectrometers &
Residual Gas Analyzers

Extrel offers a wide range of flange mounted Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers (QMSs) and Residual Gas Analyzers (RGAs) that can fit any application or budget. Our products include our high performance, research grade MAX Systems, the high performance general use MAX-LT™ Systems and our standard RGA Systems.

  • All of these systems include an Ionizer, Quadrupole Mass Filter, Detector, Mounting Flange, Power Supplies, Control Electronics and Software.
  • Can be used as the core of a new mass spectrometer system, or as a way to add mass spectrometry to an existing system or as a diagnostic tool.

The MAX Flange Mounted Mass Spectrometers are powerful research grade instruments. They have the best performance and the widest array of options of any of our systems.


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