Core Quadrupole Power Supply (QPS)

Core Quadrupole Power Supply (QPS)

Extrel’s QPS RF/DC systems provide high precision and high stability control and power for our quadrupole mass filters, octupoles and hexapole ion guides. These power supplies are offered in both RF-only and RF/DC versions. Users can control the RF power, mass and resolution commands plus a pole bias voltage to adjust the centerline potential of the quadrupole.

The QPS RF/DC systems operate on a fixed RF frequency. The mass range and performance characteristics of the different size quadrupoles depend on the RF frequency of the power supply.

Mass range, sensitivity, resolution, abundance sensitivity and transmission are determined by the quadrupole rod size and RF operation frequency. Increasing the RF operating frequency increases the sensitivity, resolution abundance sensitivity and the high energy ion transmission. Increasing the quadrupole rod size increases ion transmission. Decreasing the quadrupole rod size or the RF operating frequency increases the mass range.

Extrel’s RF/DC systems offer our users the unique ability to change the mass range and performance of their quadrupole by changing the RF frequency of the power supply.

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