Extrel offers an assortment of different controller and electronic packages as stand alone Quadrupole Power Supplies (QPS) or with use of the powerful Merlin Automation Data System Software. Both have the flexibility to change and grow with the customer’s requirements. 

The QPS provides all of the RF and DC power supplies and cabling required to operate Extrel Quadrupole Mass Filters, Hexapole Collision Cells and Ion Guides and Octupole Ion Guides. Scanning and mass position are commanded by a stable 0-10 volt user-supplied inputs or by a Merlin Scan Controller. The QPS system also gives a pole bias voltage to adjust the centerline potential of the quadrupole. 

The MAX CS Controller is a full quadrupole mass spectrometer control system that comes complete with software and control modules for quadrupole operation, the power supplies required to power filaments, ion optics and an electron multiplier detector, and a choice of either an analog or pulse-counting preamplifier. The modular design allows the user to add the power supplies, control modules, and specialized software modules that best suit the application. 

The Extrel 5221 Scan Controller is similar to the MAX CS Controller, but without the Control and Power Modules. It is a scan-and-resolution controller that can be upgraded to control other mass spectrometer components. 

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