A stand-alone power supply unit for Quadrupole Mass Filters, Octupoles and Hexapole Ion Guides, and Collision Cells.  

The new Extrel 440kHz QPS is a stand-alone quadrupole power supply that brings stability, flexibility, and access to a wide mass range to Quadrupole Mass Filters, Octupoles and Hexapole Ion Guides, and Collision Cells A highly cost-effective solution that delivers exceptional accuracy, stability and performance, 440 khz QPS delivers results with the confidence the user needs.

Building on Extrel’s reputation for precision and control, 440 kHz QPS delivers the benefits of the QPS product range to anyone using a multipole ion device in their research.  Easy to use with your existing mass spectrometer, 440 kHz QPS allows the user to optimize their quadrupole for the type of data their research requires.

Increasing the RF operating frequency increases sensitivity, abundance sensitivity, resolution, and high-energy ion transmission, while increasing the quadruple rod size increases ion transmission. Decreasing either the quadrupole rod size or the RF operating frequency increases mass range.

  • Cost-effective without compromise – Built on decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of quadrupole power supplies, 440kHz QPS combines market-leading performance with a highly affordable design that delivers exceptional ROI, year after year.
  • Expanded user audience – Adaptable for multiple set-up types, the product gives more users than ever before access to Extrel’s leading power supply technology. This enables faster project completion and avoids pitfalls and delay of untested “homebrew” solutions.
  • Reliability – Zero-peak drift for stable, repeatable analysis and longer calibration intervals.
  • High Performance – Ultra-high throughput for maximum ion transmission.



  • 440kHz quadrupole power supply with 9.6mm tri-filter
  • Mass range: 20 to 16,000 amu
  • Resolution: 1000 M△M (FWHM)
  • Sensitivity: 0.075 mAmp per torr
  • Relative transmission: 20%


  • Temperature Range: 15°C to 40°C (59°F to 104°F)
  • Humidity Range: 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Particulates: Normal Lab Environment
  • Power Input: 100-240 VAC with ground 50/60 Hz, 290 W
  • Mounting: Standard 19.00 inches Electronics Rack
  • RF Output Voltage: Up to 3800V Peak RF (Option Dependent)


Height: 222.3 mm (8.75 inches)

Width: 444.5 mm (17.50 inches)

Depth: 304.8 mm (12.00 inches)

Single Quadrupole Option

  • QPS RF Power Supply
  • 1.5 m (5 feet) RF Cables
  • (1) Fixed Frequency QC
  • 200 VDC Internal Pole Bias Power Supply
  • RF/DC and RF-only Operation

    Triple Quadrupole Option

    • Multiple Extrel QPS for MS/MS operation
    • Quad Specific Cable Lengths (ie. Q1, Q2, Q3)
    • Three (3) Fixed Frequency QPS(s)
    • 200 VDC Internal Pole Bias Power Supply
    • RF-Only Q2 QPS for collision cell operation

    Other Frequency Options

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