Fuel Gas

Fuel Gas Applications

With rising energy prices and the escalating pressure to increase efficiency, the analysis of natural gas production and point of use had become a critical need. Since natural gas products are priced according to their BTU values, Extrel MAX300-RTG™ Industrial Process Gas Analyzer are in demand to provide fast and accurate analysis critical for fuel gas quality control and maximizing natural gas revenue. In addition to its fast analysis time, the MAX300-RTG implements stream-switching capabilities. One MAX300-RTG has all the capabilities needed to replace several conventional BTU analyzers in natural gas processing facilities.  Extrel’s MAX300-RTG Series has several advantages over conventional BTU analyzers, calorimeters, and gas chromatographs.


  • Ability to perform full composition analysis in less than 10 seconds
  • Ability to analyze multiple streams
  • Compositional analysis as opposed to receiving only the final BTU value from a BTU analyzer
  • No makeup gas or carrier gas required

Fuel Gas Applications

  • Measures the stream components ranging from C1-C6 including butane and pentane isotopes
  • Measures “heavies” such as C6 isotopes, heptane, octane and aromatics such as benzene and toluene
  • Optional electron multiplier detector provides part per million (ppm) analysis of hydrogen sulfide
  • Provides accurate hydrogen measurement when analyzing a blended fuel gas stream such as refinery “off-gas”
  • Performs BTU or heating value calculations and trends this information (in addition to the individual components)

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