Atmospheric Chemistry

Atmospheric Chemistry

For over 50 years, scientists have relied on Extrel’s Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers and Systems for Atmospheric Chemistry studies. From flux measurements to hurricane atmosphere composition studies, Extrel offers a solution to the needs of their customers.

These instruments, designed with high sensitivity and resolution, stability, and reliability, are ideal for those performing laboratory simulations using a Flow Tube or SIFT Analysis. Systems can also perform Direct Atmosphere Sampling from aircraft, ships, or ground stations.

Mass Spectrometry and MS/MS Components are purchased by those who are building their own Selected ion flow tube (SIFT) Systems or designing a specialized sampling system for use on an aircraft. Components include Electron Ionization (EI), Chemical Ionization (CI), Atmospheric-Pressure Ionization (API) and Ion Molecule Reaction Ion Sources, Quadrupoles, Ion Guides, Sampling Systems and Detectors.   The MAX300 AIR Series and MAX-LT Systems are complete flange-mounted mass spectrometers that can be added to any new or existing system.

Molecular Beam Systems include a mass spectrometer and sampling system and can be connected to a flow tube or SIFT system already in place, to be used as the analytical end station.

Flow Tube and SIFT Systems are complete systems that allow the user to spend more time performing the experiment by reducing the amount of time it otherwise would take to design and build multi-source and multi-technique systems. Users can choose from one of Extrel’s standard systems, or we can custom design a system for your specific needs.

System Specs

Specifications and Advantages of Extrel’s Mass Spectrometer Equipment and Systems include:

  • High Sensitivity to 10 mA/Torr
  • High Resolution to 110 M at m/z 28
  • High Abundance Sensitivity to 107
  • Partial Pressure Detectability to 10-16 mbar
  • Detection Limits from 100% to 10 parts per billion (ppb)
  • Various mass ranges from 1-60 to 1-1000 amu
  • Single Quad and MS/MS systems
  • Positive and Negative Ion, and Neutral Detection

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