Ethanol is produced in several ways from biomass or other organic sources. In an effort to better control production processes and improve efficiency, increased emphasis has been put on the importance of fast accurate, gas analysis for optimal fermentation control. The methodologies being implemented are similar to those used for years by pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  

Benefits:  MAX300 Process Mass Spectrometers

  • Fast analysis of approximately 400 ms per component
  • Dual Faraday and Electron Multiplier Detector with auto ranging capabilities provides a continuous dynamic range from 100% down to 10 parts per billion (ppb)
  • The flexibility of the analyzer allows engineers to investigate the process
  • Low level detection limits
  • Capabilities for multi-stream analysis and communication protocols such as OPC or Modbus
  • The ability to easily add new components to the analysis method, or add new process streams to the analysis sequence (no hardware changes necessary)
  • Survey scans which can be performed to detect the presence of any unknowns or undesired components

For laboratory research engineers who need to understand the process and perform analysis on Bench Scale Reactors, Extrel offers the MAX300-LG Laboratory Gas Analyzer. When the process moves to pilot plant and production facilities, engineers have the ability to apply the MAX300-BIO Bioreactor Gas Analyzer. The hardware and software designs of these systems are the same, which provides the operator with familiarity and consistency of analysis.

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