Petrochemical Syngas

Petrochemical Syngas

Typically used as a fuel source or intermediate in hydrocarbon production applications, Synthesis Gas (Syngas) compositions must be tightly controlled during processing in order to achieve high quality final products. Because Syngas contains a gas mixture of varying amounts of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, a fast analysis is needed to control the process within a very tight range.

Extrel Quadrupole Process Mass Spectrometers have been the preferred analysis system for producers of ammonia, methanol, ethanol and hydrogen for over 25 years. The MAX300-RTG Industrial Gas Analyzer is Extrel’s seventh generation of process mass spectrometers. This gas analyzer can quickly cycle between all of the process streams such as the Converter Inlet and Converter Outlet, Pressure Swing Absorber (PSA) Feed, PSA Tailgas or the recycle gas stream.

For laboratory or bench scale reactor studies of Syngas reactions, Extrel offers the process mass spectrometer system in a laboratory package, known as the MAX300-RTG Laboratory Gas Analyzer.

Both the Extrel MAX300-RTG Industrial Process Mass Spectrometer and the MAX300-LG Laboratory Gas Analyzer provide:

  • Typical analysis time of less than 7 seconds per stream
  • The option of using Questor®5 derived values to calculate and trend process parameters such as heating values, conversion rates and selectivities
  • Extrel’s next generation designs for the inlet, ionizer and filament assembly
  • Support for a variety of industry standard communications including Ethernet, Bi-directional Modbus RTU or TCP/IP, OPC, Analog and Digital outputs and custom communications

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