Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization

Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization

VOD, a manufacturing process that ensures the quality of stainless steel, relies heavily on fast and precise measurements of stream compositions during various stages of the process. The speed and accuracy provided by the MAX300-RTG™ Industrial Process Mass Spectrometer meets the VOD application’s fast analysis requirement. The real-time analysis provided by this analyzer system enables VOD processes to be optimized for efficiency and product quality.

The MAX300-IG Industrial Gas Analyzer has been designed to:

  • Analyze all 7 components of the full exhaust in less than 3 seconds
  • Display the rapid changes in component concentrations during each phase of the process

This allows the control system to:

  • Maximize oxygen flow to allow the remaining carbon in the steel to be converted to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
  • Terminate the oxygen flow and increase vacuum for the removal of dissolved gases from liquid steel at the correct time

Extrel’s MAX300-RTG Industrial Process Mass Spectrometer quickly identifies the end of each VOD phase without sacrificing the accuracy of the analysis. Optional differentially pumped inlets produce rapid and consistent sampling. To extend filament life, decrease maintenance and reduce system downtime, the MAX300-RTG system implements Extrel’s next generation design for inlets, ionizers and filament assemblies. Extrel supports a variety of industry standard communications, and supplies this product to steel processing plants worldwide.

For nearly 35 years, Extrel has produced process mass spectrometers for industrial applications with the reliability and performance needed for demanding applications in the toughest environments. 

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