Researchers studying the use of Catalysts strive to better understand how they function and respond under different conditions. Tracking the inlet and outlet of the reactor helps the investigator develop an understanding of the catalytic reaction. The composition of the outlet stream provides information about the reaction, efficiency and selectivity of the catalyst. For that reason, scientists rely on Extrel laboratory gas analyzers for accurate and flexible analytical performance. The use of these systems also makes scale up to production analysis easier since the MAX 300-RTG Industrial Gas Analyzer is functionally similar but designed for pilot scale and full production environments.

Overview of Products

VeraSpec MBx 

Extrel’s VeraSpec MBx quadrupole mass spectrometer system is a 3-stage, discreetly-pumped gas analysis system designed for sampling reactive and condensable gases. The MBx is designed with a heated inlet, easily-changed first aperture and skimmer, and an isolation gate valve to allow inlet maintenance for applications, which have challenging sample conditions, such as pyrolysis. The carfeully-engineered inlet provides a supersonic expansion of the sample into the vacuum to maintain sample integrity. This ensures accurate analysis of analytes before they react or decompose. 

The VeraSpec MBx is an integral part of the High Throughput Analytical Pyrolysis (HTAP) system, which was developed in collaboration among the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Extrel, Arbor Gen, and Frontier Labs. The HTAP system is used to accelerate the search for new and improved biofuel sources, and has shown improvement in the analysis of pyrolysis products 

These products are the analysis systems of choice for applications such as:

  • Atmospheric Chemistry Research
  • Biomaterial Research
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Clusters and Nanoparticle Research
  • Combustion Studies
  • Flow Tube and Drift Cell Detection
  • Nanospray / Electrospray Ionization (ESI) Detection
  • Plasma Etch
  • Pulsed laser Deposition

MAX300-EGA Evolved Gas Analyzer

Equipped with a 2 m heated transfer line, an extensive compound library, and the ability to import a variety of external signals, the MAX300-EGA is optimized for interfacing with thermal analyzers and microreactors.  The chemically inert capillary keeps the sample hot and under vacuum all the way from the furnace to the ionizer to prevent condensation and chemical interaction during transit.  Data synchronization couldn’t be easier; the Questor® 5 software comes standard with the ability to receive external signals, like the Start-of-Heating signal from a TGA.  Trend and manipulate data within Questor® 5 or simply export it for use on a different platform.

MAX-LT Flange Mounted RGA MS 

Extrel’s MAX-LT Flange Mounted Mass Spectrometers provide research grade performance at an affordable price. They are offered in 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 amu versions with a number of options available. Typical applications for the MAX-LT systems include, Thermal Programmed Desorption (TPD) analysis, Plasma and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Analysis and UHV Residual Gas Analysis.

Simply select the gases to measure, or the mass range to scan, in the software and the MAX300-CAT is configured to monitor a new reaction or process.

MAX300-CAT Laboratory Gas Analyzer

  • Gas and Vapor Analysis
  • Catalysis
  • Reaction Monitoring and Kinetics
  • Environmental Research
  • Bioreactor monitoring
  • Combustion Studies
  • Gas Purity
  • Pharmaceutical solvents 

MAX300-LG High-Performance Laboratory Gas Analyzer

The Questor® 5 Process Control Software is ideal for bench scale and pilot scale process research and development. The Questor® 5 software is capable of monitoring an unlimited number of components, and can utilize multivariate analysis for enhanced performance in complex matrices. Single ion monitoring or full mass range scanning can be selected by the user. Component concentrations, intensities and derived (calculated) values are displayed, stored and output as defined by the user. Display options include graphical and tabular displays for both real time and archived data. The system performs extensive diagnostics during SmartStart™ and continuously monitors diagnostics during operation to ensure data validity.

Questor® 5 software operates under the Microsoft Windows® operating system and features a web-based user interface. The Questor® 5 user interface provides easy and secure access to your system and data. The connection can be direct from a workstation or from a plant network via a standard Ethernet or equivalent link. User-based password protection is implemented to provide data and operational security. Advanced event logging allows for data integrity and compliance with 21 CFR 11 regulations. 

VeraSpec Trace System

The VeraSpec Trace system provides the ideal ionization techniques for pure gas analysis in one system. The system can be configured for both ionization techniques, eliminating the need for two mass spectrometers, and significantly reducing the overall expense. The base system utilizes either Extrel’s high-performance, closed-source EI ionizer, or the proven, reliable DC Corona Discharge API source. The DC Corona Discharge Source is a chemical or soft ionization source that is ideal for monitoring molecules in the ppb and ppt range. The EI system is taken from Extrel’s MAX300 industrial mass spectrometers, and has the same proven performance available on those systems with detection limits in the low ppb range. The system utilizes a 19 mm trifilter quadrupole, and is available in several mass ranges. The system is also offered in an MS/MS configuration, the VeraSpec Trace MS/ MS.  


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