Materials Research

Materials Research

Scientists involved in the study of Materials Research are analyzing the surfaces, structures and properties of various materials for many industries. This requires the use of a Mass Spectrometer with not only high sensitivity and resolution, but also precise ionization control and energy analysis capabilities.

Scientists rely on Extrel’s Systems and Components for surface analysis of various materials that are used every day in an array of industries including semiconductor, aerospace, biomedical, nuclear, ceramics, automotive and medical/surgical. Where high purity is critical, such as in the ceramics, automotive and medical/surgical materials markets, Extrel’s systems are ideal to perform the Outgassing Studies necessary.

Materials Research Applications

catalysis chemicals


Researchers studying the use of Catalysts strive to better understand how they function and respond under different conditions. 


Laser Ablation

To perform surface analysis, surface cleaning, and the removal and redistribution of specific materials, deposition and Carbon Nanotube production, researchers rely on the application of Laser Ablation

Outgassing Studies

Analysts use Outgassing Studies to determine the chemical and physical properties of materials that are under various temperature and pressure conditions. Outgassing research analyzes materials used in the production of Aerospace and Semiconductor devices. This application is also well-suited to …



One technique used to characterize the physical and electronic properties of the surface of a material is Helium Scattering and mass spectrometry. 

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) is used to detect and characterize trace elements at or near the surface of a solid or thin film allowing researchers to understand the chemical composition of the surface.

Temperature Programmed Desorption

Temperature Programmed Desorption

Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) is one of the most widely used surface analysis techniques available for materials research scientists. 

Thermogravimetric Analyzer / Mass Spectrometer (TGA-MS) Materials Research

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a powerful approach to the study of the thermal behavior of solid and liquid samples. 

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