Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Production plants around the world are regularly choosing Extrel’s MAX300-RTG Quadrupole Process Mass Spectrometers for their analysis requirements. Because of the MAX300 Series speed and ability to analyze multiple streams, it has become the system of choice to obtain accurate heating value analysis for product quality control and to maximize hydrogen production revenue.

Hydrogen producers are purchasing the MAX300-RTG because it provides a full composition analysis of a natural gas or feed stream in less than 10 seconds.

Advantages of the MAX300-RTG Industrial Gas Analyzer include:

  • The ability to perform real-time compositional analysis and calculate heating values of the process feed gas
  • The ability to perform C1-C8 analysis in less than 10 seconds
  • The capability to analyze over 160 streams
  • Stream-switching capabilities allowing the operator to quickly analyze additional process streams such as reformer effluent, tail gas and the recycle streams
  • Use of the optional Electron Multiplier Detector which provides part per million (ppm) level analysis of the combined nitrogen and carbon monoxide components in the hydrogen product purity stream

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