Residual Gas Analyzers

Residual Gas Analysis

Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA), used to identify gases that are present in vacuum environments, operate in research laboratories and industrial processing facilities worldwide.

Extrel offers three levels of RGA systems.  From the Extrel RGA, a small-form inexpensive traditional RGA system, to the MAX-LT, a medium sized RGA system meant for existing chambers providing higher mass range and sensitivity, and finally to our MAX Systems, which offer high sensitivity and resolution, and provide a variety of mass ranges to fit your needs. Our MAX-QMS Series is capable of detection limits of 10 parts per billion (ppb) to 100%, with unmatched accuracy and repeatability while sampling from atmospheric pressure.

Extrel’s Residual Gas Analyzers and Mass Spectrometers are used to:

  • Look for contaminants in semiconductor processing systems 
  • Search for gases desorbing off of the walls of ultra high vacuum (UHV) chambers 
  • Product characterization
  • Monitor the headspace of fermentors 
  • Check for possible leaks in vacuum furnaces

Extrel’s product line for Gas Analysis applications include:

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