Hydrogen Isotope & Helium / Deuterium Analysis

Hydrogen Isotope and Helium / Deuterium Analysis

Designed specifically for Low Mass Gas Analysis applications, Extrel’s MAX50™ and MAX120™ Flange Mounted Mass Spectrometers have been providing unmatched performance for Nuclear, Gas Production and Fuel Cell industries for decades.

The MAX50 and MAX120 Series offer the high resolution, sensitivity and abundance sensitivity needed for Hydrogen and Helium/Deuterium Analysis. They are capable of easily separating atomic Hydrogen from the On-Blast, as well as separating of Helium and Deuterium (which are separated by only 0.0028 amu) so a researcher can confidently measure their contributions.

Extrel has also introduced the VeraSpec HRQ total analytical system.  The HRQ was engineered and designed for high throughput and process analysis built around the MAX50 or MAX120 Mass Spectrometer.  Heavy water analysis, low mass isotopic analysis and Helium purity are some of the industries the HRQ was designed for.

Along with high resolution capabilities the MAX-50 and MAX-120 comes standard with Extrel’s molecular beam axial ionizer which allows for very fine control of ionization energies allowing for appearance potential studies through low energy soft ionization of the individual molecules.

System Specs

Specifications of the MAX50 and the MAX120 Mass Spectrometers include:

  • High Resolution 0.5 – 50 AMU
  • Abundance Sensitivity to 107
  • High Sensitivity to 10 mA/Torr
  • Partial Pressure Detection Limits to 10-16 mbar
  • Positive and Negative Ion Detection
  • Resolution of 3000 measured at Argon (mass 40)
  • Fine eV control to allow for appearance potential studies

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