Mass Selection and Deposition

Mass Selection and Deposition

System Specs

Specifications and Advantages of Extrel’s Mass Spectrometer Equipment and Systems include:

  • High Sensitivity to 10 mA/Torr
  • High Resolution to 110 M at m/z 28
  • High Abundance Sensitivity to 107
  • Partial Pressure Detectability to 10-16 mbar
  • Various mass ranges from 1-60 to 20-16,000 amu
  • Axial and Right Angle Configurations
  • Positive and Negative Ion Detection

In many of today’s state-of-the-art research institutions, scientists are researching and analyzing Molecular Clusters, Ionic Clusters and Nanostructures. To accurately perform these laboratory experiments, Extrel’s MAX Systems have become the premier systems for Mass Selection and Deposition.

Utilizing Extrel’s high transmission quadrupole mass filters, Extrel’s MAX Systems provide excellent resolution, as well as high ion current throughput, allowing for accurate cluster selection and quick surface deposition.

We offer quadrupole, hexapole, octupole and conical octupole ion guides for almost any experimental configuration. Individual components are available for systems that are user-designed and assembled. Custom engineering is available for Extrel system-users, including those who are using multiple chambers and differential pumping.

Multiple chamber/differentially pumped systems can be designed for off-axis operation. Optimizing signal to noise is done by bending ions which allows neutrals to pass directly through the bender.


Extrel manufactures the following products for Mass Selection and Deposition Applications:

  • Cross Beam Deflector Ionizer
  • Hexapole Collision Cell
  • Quadrupole, Hexapole, Octupole and Conical Octupole Ion Guides
  • MAX Flange Mounted Mass Spectrometers
  • Standard and custom designed differentially pumped systems
  • Standard and custom length Einzel Stack focusing lenses

See the following for more information on specific applications:

  • Collision Cell Efficiencies – ASMS 2005
  • Optimizing Quads for Wide Mass Range
  • Resolution and Transmission of Quads
  • Transmission of Ion Guides

Extrel has been producing Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Systems for over 45 years. We work closely with our customers to understand their obstacles involving their applications. Our expertise in developing the specific products our customers need has established our reputation as the world’s leading supplier of Gas Analysis Systems, Mass Spectrometers and Components.

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