Evolved Gas Analysis

Evolved Gas Analysis

Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) is the analysis of the effluent of analytical equipment and chemical processes.  Understanding the dynamic composition of the gases released by thermal analysis or continuous flow systems can provide insight into the mechanisms at work within the experiment. 

When energy or a reagent is added to a reaction, changes to the off-gas can occur instantaneously.  The MAX300-EGA has the speed and sensitivity to detect even small shifts in the evolved fraction as they occur.  Characterize unknown samples, quantify solvent compositions, pin point reaction kinetics.  The heated transfer line can interface with a wide array of equipment, and signals and data can be imported into the mass spectrometer for trending and calculation, or exported for manipulation on another platform.

Evolved Gas Analysis Applications:

  •   Thermogravimetric Analysis/ Mass Spectrometry (TGA-MS)
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Material Science
  • Microreactors/ Continuous Flow Systems
  • Reaction Monitoring
  • Organic Chemistry
    • Natural Product Analysis
    • Synthesis Studies
  • Pilot Scale Process/ R&D
  • QA/ QC 

MAX300-EGA Introduction Video

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