Solutions for industry & research lab applications

Precision Analysis for Industry & Research Applications

Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology

Today’s manufacturers must comply with the Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and the impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Demand for implementing the most innovative solution is critical.

materials research

Materials Research

Scientists involved in the study of Materials Research & Analysis analyze the surfaces, structures and properties of various materials for many industries.  They require cutting-edge innovation, expertise and superior reliability.

Energy / Biofuels

Biofuel technology is here.  Natural gas pipelines are here.  Sustainability, safety and meeting regulatory compliance requires quality fit-for-purpose monitoring systems producing accurate results.


Mass spectrometers ensure a high-degree of device functionality and generate incredible amounts of useful data providing valuable insight.  This process requires a reliable gas analysis solution that can process gases for optimal chemical content accurately.

Gas Analysis

Gas analysis provides essential data to many processing, manufacturing and materials research industries. From oil refineries and large petrochemical plants, to food processing facilities and wastewater treatment plants, to materials research labs, gas analyzers are mission critical for safety and efficiency.


Improving production processes such as ammonia, ethylene and ethylene oxide is of key concern for chemical manufacturers.  Maximizing uptime and increasing production requires a reliable gas analysis solution provider.


The metal industry has relied relied on process mass spectrometers to analyze, calculate and control various steel and aluminum manufacturing processes.  It is vital to accurately measure the combustion exhaust gas and in other various process applications.

Environmental / Atmospheric

Globally ambient air quality regulations are growing stricter and the penalties for violating them are severe. The ability to accurately, quickly and efficiently monitor and reduce pollutants emitted into the atmosphere continues to drive the need for mass spectrometry.

Clusters / Biomolecules / Nanoparticles

Large molecular research materials such as Clusters, Biomolecules and Nanoparticles are analyzed everyday in laboratories around the world. There is demand to perform high mass analysis, mass selection and deposition as well.  


Researchers studying the use of Catalysts strive to better understand how they function and respond under different conditions. Tracking the inlet and outlet of the reactor helps the investigator …

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