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Process Insights – Premium Insights into Process Gas Analysis

Our solutions and technologies ensure safe the operation, increase production quality, protect the environment, property, and personnel, improve asset lifecycle while optimizing levels of efficiency and throughput. 

We make our world better.

The Process Insights portfolio of global analytical and instrumentation, and process automation products and solutions are at work all over the world delivering innovative and differentiated analysis and measurement solutions and technologies that add high value to our customers. 

We are committed to developing innovation that helps our customers create the products and services that make our lives better and protects our environment.  With continued pursuit, our strategic and global expansion offers significant future opportunities across the value chain for our customers, our channel partners, and our suppliers.

Trace & Percent Oxygen Analyzers & Oxygen Deficiency Monitors
Analyzers for Total Sulfur – Nitrogen Applications
Innovative Dew Point Measurement Solutions and Calorimeters
Real-Time Mass Spec Gas Analyzers for Research and Industry
Analyzers for Humidity Measurements
Online Water Analysis Solutions
Precise Humidity Measurement and Calibration Systems
CRDS High-Performance Gas Analyzers

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