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Our solutions and technologies ensure safe the operation, increase production quality, protect the environment, property and personnel, improve asset lifecycle while optimizing levels of efficiency and throughput. 

With time-tested, field proven global portfolio of sensors, monitors, detectors, analyzers, instrumentation, and software, these technologies are mission-critical to continually improve quality, reduce disruptions, downtime, and lost productivity.

For instance, meeting increasing regulatory compliance for continuous monitoring of HCl, NH3, CO, NOx, SO2, CO2 and other gases is vital.   Our multi-component, high precision, cost-efficient continuous emissions monitoring solutions have repeatedly outperformed competitors and traditional, outdated technologies in power generation and industrial processes.

Our legacy of market-leading high quality online water analyzers accurately measure TOC, TNb, TOD, COD, BOD and toxicity across industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants. 

We make our world better.

LAR Process Analysers

The TOC Company

Since its foundation in 1986, LAR Process Analysers is a global leader in high quality online water analyzers. We provide innovative water solutions, services and solutions for analytical measurement challenges in a wide variety of industries and applications.


Analyzers for Humidity Measurements

Hygrocontrol is a leading brand dedicated to the measurement of humidity and temperature in industrial and process applications using proprietary high-precision relative humidity and temperature meters.  The company also offers comprehensive repair and calibration services worldwide, as well as high-precision, tight-fitting laser welding capabilities for moisture and temperature sensors. 

COSA Xentaur

Innovative Measurement Solutions

COSA Xentaur Corporation combines the strength of over 30 years of COSA Instruments sales, service and application support and experience with Xentaur Corporations innovative measurement solutions. Its portfolio ranges from dew point measurement solutions, analytical laboratory equipment, WOBBE and BTU analyzers. As a reliable partner, COSA Xentaur creates trustful relationships to help its customers in virtually all industries to be more successful in implementing innovative measurement solutions. With its high-value products and intelligent solutions, COSA Xentaur delivers robust, cost effective instrumentation systems exceeding customer measurement requirements.

Alpha Omega Instruments

Analyzers for Oxygen Measurement

Alpha Omega Instruments Corporation manufacturers and designs solutions for process measurement and analysis.  The product portfolio consists of trace and percent oxygen analyzers and transmitters, safety monitors (oxygen deficiency and carbon dioxide) carbon dioxide analyzers, and moisture monitors. They are used by industrial, government, and educational institutions around the world for process optimization and safety applications.

Tiger Optics

High-Performance Gas Analyzers

Founded in 2001, Tiger Optics, LLC offers a wide and proven array of customer-lauded trace gas analyzers, as well as atmospheric and cleanroom monitors.  Based upon powerful Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS), Tiger Optics instruments afford outstanding detection capabilities, speed of response, dynamic range and accuracy, combined with continuous self-calibration, ease-of-use, and freedom from moving parts and consumables.  From the cleanest of semiconductor fabs to the harshest coal-fired power plants, Tiger Optics analyzers work to improve your yields, reduce costs, and simplify your regulatory compliance. 

ATOM Instruments

Analyzers for Total Sulphur – Nitrogen Applications

Headquartered in Houston, TX, ATOM Instrument manufactures laboratory and online elemental analyzers for total sulfur-nitrogen applications in liquids, solids and gases, providing practical and innovative measurement solutions to the petroleum, petrochemical and pipeline industries.  ATOM’s total sulfur analysis is based on Excimer UV Fluorescence technology, a patented and proprietary technology developed by Mr. Franek Olstowski, Founder of ATOM Instrument.  The benefits of using this technology are numerous allowing analyzers to be designed for ease-of-use, reduced maintenance, and increased reliability.

MBW Calibration

Precise Humidity Measurement and Calibration Systems

MBW Calibration is recognized internationally as a developer and supplier of high-quality chilled mirror dew point hygrometers used in a variety of humidity calibration, measurement and gas quality applications. Addionally, MBW is the leading provider of SF6 gas quality analyzers based uniquely on chilled mirror technology that provides years of high precision and high stability measurements without frequent sensor replacement. Calibration services complete the portfolio. MBW is an accredited calibration laboratory for humidity and temperature according to Swiss and German standards.

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