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Extrel’s Ionizers are built for high performance and are offered in a number of different ionization techniques with a wide range of options. Extrel manufactures both standard off-the-shelf Ion Optics as well as custom designed devices to fit customer application requirements. We offer devices for energy analysis as well as ion transport.

Note: Ionizer options for our MAX-QMS and MAX-LT research lines of MS systems cannot be readily applicated to our MAX300 lines of laboratory and process MS systems

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Electron Ionization (EI) – Extrel’s EI ion sources include an Einzel lens stack and are designed for high transmission to give you the best resolution, sensitivity and abundance sensitivity. They are offered with a wide range of options including, choice of filament material, open or enclosed ion regions and axial or right angle designs.

Chemical Ionization (CI) - When a softer ionization technique is required, a CI source should be used. Our CI sources include an Einzel lens stack and come with the ability to do both EI and CI ionization. Options include multi-port inlets and a choice of filament material.

Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) – The API source is ideal for parts per trillion (ppt) detection of atmospheric pollutants or trace impurities in pure gases.

Ion-Molecule Reaction Ionization– The ion molecule reaction source allows you to do Protonation of species and also acts as a CI ionizer with variable reaction times and distances. It has a number of gas inlets and offers very precise reaction control.

Ion Optics - A variety of geometries is available for transferring ions throughout a vacuum system

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